Erin McDonald, M.A. Educational Technology

Program Director

I stay committed to this program because I see a strong need for adolescent girls to have a safe space where they can share ideas, be inspired, discuss their fears, empower other girls, learn from each other and have a sisterhood of support without judgement to guide them through a difficult time in their development. This is my fourth school year with STEPS, and having girls stay in the program from middle school to high school has afforded me the opportunity to see and experience the positive impact it has had on these girls. It is so rewarding to watch them grow and gain more confidence in themselves and their abilities.  


Shareah Dye

Alumnus and Assistant Facilitator

Deciding to join STEPS as the Assistant Facilitator was easy for me. I felt like it was the best way I could come back and give to the very people who did so much for me growing up. As a young woman, STEPS was there for me every bit of the way. I believed, and continue to believe, in this organization. When I see at least one girl really grasping all the knowledge we share during our sessions, that lets me know I made the right choice by coming back to STEPS.


Nicole Wheeler

Lead Facilitator and Assistant Facilitator

Deciding to become a part of the STEPS family was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Being a teacher at West Side Middle School, one of the places where this program is held, I can see there is a demand for young girls to have a place where they feel comfortable with one another, and have that strong support system with adults and peers, and that is what STEPS is doing. We have the opportunity to guide these girls in the right direction, achieving their goals, and preparing them for the future. Every girl deserves to have this opportunity, and now having the opportunity to lead the new program for sixth grade girls has motivated me to make sure every girl has the chance to make this their family, too!


Mary Hatfield

Assistant Facilitator

My immediate reaction to discovering STEPS and what it does for my community was that its mission is something I really believe in and it was an organization that I could really get behind 100%.  I was thrilled when I was invited to work with STEPS and the inspiring women who are the founders and backbone of this much needed and successful program.  The most rewarding part of working with STEPS is witnessing girls build self-esteem and self-efficacy to become positive leaders in their communities.  I feel fortunate to have found the STEPS organization and even more grateful to have become a member of the STEPS team.

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