Beatrice Jennette

President and Founder

As the founder and visionary for STEPS, I always wondered whether STEPS' mission would be supported and adolescent girls' lives changed. Now in our 10th year, I continue to realize the significance of our program. Professional women devote many hours to teaching adolescent girls life skills to enhance their wellness and the girls leave us with quotes such as "It is because of STEPS that I am still here." This is what keeps me committed to STEPS and the adolescent girls in our community.

Vivian Harrison

Chair of the Board

STEPS is an organization devoted to the young ladies in our community.  It delights me each time I hear about our girls using the tools we provide them to make positive choices to move them in the right direction.  The workshops in our program are developed to concentrate on the whole girl. Since there are very few, if any, programs such as STEPS in our immediate community, I'm committed to help STEPS do what we can to make this an organization like no other, as well as develop these precious young ladies we impact each day.


Deborah Evans, M.B.A., C.P.A.


I have stayed with STEPS because I can see the difference it is making in the lives of the adolescent girls we come in contact with through our programs.  They now have tools they can use to help them navigate their teen years and carry into their adult lives.  I also have the pleasure to work with some incredible women who care as much about the welfare if these girls as I do and we will do whatever it takes to ensure our programs are designed to fit the needs of the adolescent girls we mentor in New London County.

Laura Quashnie, M.A. Education


I remain a part of STEPS because, over the past ten years, I have witnessed the impact the programs have had on my students who have joined the program. Every day, I see the challenges facing teen girls in today’s society. STEPS is changing the lives of the girls in our programs. They are learning to value and appreciate their worth, to set impressive goals, and to take care of their bodies, minds, and relationships. I am so proud to be a part of an organization who dedicates itself to improving the lives of teen girls. We are making a difference in our communities. I see that in my classroom everyday!


Jessica Bessette, B.A. Elementary Education


I have been a part of STEPS since its inception in 2008. STEPS has become a part of who I am, both, as an educator, and as a member of the community. STEPS speaks to something within me that says this is where I need to be.  This is the organization that speaks to my soul. STEPS is such an integral organization to this area. I understand the importance of these programs being run for the girls in our community. I have witnessed first-hand the impact is has had on hundreds of girls. I will continue to work with STEPS as long as there is a need to provide adolescent girls the guidance and direction to make healthy choices and to live their best lives. I am STEPS, and STEPS is me.


Diane Villano


Initially, I was drawn to STEPS as an opportunity to give back to girls in the community where I grew up. I’ve stayed with STEPS because I see first-hand that it is so much more. STEPS’ programs provide girls pathways to thrive today and in future. I remain committed to STEPS because the girls in this community deserve every advantage we can give them on the journey to becoming strong women.

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